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1907 Colorado Silver Specimen from the Eric P Newman Collection

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Step into the world of numismatic splendor with a rare opportunity to acquire the 1907 Colorado Silver Specimen, meticulously curated from the esteemed Eric P. Newman Collection. This exceptional piece of American history, shrouded in mystery and allure, beckons collectors to embark on a journey through time. Preserved within its original coin envelopes, bearing the distinctive handwriting of Denver's esteemed coin dealer, Dan Brown, these artifacts offer a tantalizing glimpse into the past. Dating back to the vibrant decades of the 1950s-60s, Brown's annotations serve as a testament to the piece's authenticity, meticulously safeguarded by Newman for the discerning collector.

With an enigmatic aura surrounding its octagonal form, the 1907 Colorado Silver Specimen invites speculation and intrigue. Despite lacking explicit state or issuer identification, its 1907 date ignites the imagination, prompting further exploration into its storied past. At the heart of this captivating narrative lies Joseph Lesher, a pioneer of the American West whose vision and tenacity shaped the landscape of Colorado's mining industry. Through the production of his iconic Octagonal Silver Coins in 1900, Lesher sought to immortalize the prosperity of the Cripple Creek District and celebrate the bounty of Colorado's silver mines. Embark on a journey through the pages of "Forgotten Colorado Silver: Joseph Lesher's Defiant Coins," a comprehensive exploration penned by Robert D. Leonard Jr., Kenneth L. Hallenbeck, and Adna G. Wilde Jr., offering unparalleled insight into Lesher's indomitable spirit. As you delve deeper into the annals of history, discover a fascinating chapter in the evolution of American commerce. In an era marked by a scarcity of circulating currency, Western merchants turned to ingenious solutions, employing trade tokens as a means of exchange, particularly within the vibrant atmosphere of saloons—a testament to the pioneering ingenuity of the American frontier. Embrace the opportunity to claim a piece of history with the 1907 Colorado Silver Piece, an embodiment of innovation, resilience, and the enduring legacy of the American West.